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"I had the good forture of studying with Dan. Aside from his great musicality and patience, he is a teacher who is able to break down the complex flamenco patterns and guitar technique in a way that it is understandable to any student. " -Germann, guitar student.

Daniel Fríes is currently accepting private students.

2020 UPDATE! I am now offering remote lessons over video. Please get in touch for details!

If you are interested in learning more about guitar, flamenco, or music in general, I can help you. I teach in Berkeley CA. I teach guitar technique, music theory for the guitar, and flamenco rhythms. I can help students of any level and age improve their understanding and mastery of the guitar in general, or flamenco in particular. I also train flamenco dance students in flamenco rythms, or compas, in an effective way that is generally un-touched upon by dance teachers. I charge $75 for lessons. After you have read all the information on this page, please feel free to contact me if you need different information about my private classes, or to set up private group classes.


I have flexibility to teach during weekdays. This is my preference. If thies doesn't work for you, I also teach Monday and Tuesday eventings. Please be aware that I am a working musician, which means I am playing gigs on weekends, and this often takes my whole day. When I'm not gigging on weekends, I prioritize spending time with my family, as I do not otherwise have time to see them during the daytime. I also work weekday evenings, especially later in the week, and sometimes even Monday and Tuesdays as well, which means I cannot commit 100% to a regular teaching schedule. Typically, I can set up a weekly time slot for you, and we can check in when I have another priority, either to re-schedule for the week, or skip that week. If you really really really must have a weekend lesson, and you can pay me $500 for my hour, I will accomodate you. Nothing less, sorry.


If you schedule a lesson with me, and need to cancel or reschedule it within 24 hours of the time of the lesson, you pay for the lesson anyway. I live by my calendar and cannot afford to have it any other way. Thank you for understanding.

If you need to pay for a lesson, you can use this button:

Please note, you cannot make an appointment for a lesson with this, it is just to pay. Please contact me to schedule.

Pay for your lesson:


Please bring these things to your lesson!

  1. A Flamenco Guitar -or at least a nylon string guitar- check out Berkeley Musical Instrument Exchange if you need to buy one. I trust Will and George 100%. Their prices are fair and their advice is sound. They have the best flamenco guitar selection in the Bay, and you get exactly what you pay for. Be sure to get a guitar with a tap plate or have tbe guys put one on for you.
  2. Fingernails on your right hand (but not your left). At the minimum, your right hand nails will need to extend just beyond the tip of each finger. I regularly get Acrylic put on my nails at this nail salon. If you do this, tell them you play guitar, and don't let them change the shape of your nails.
  3. Some kind of recording device to record the lesson - most people use their phones these days.
  4. Your complete attention!
  5. Payment for the lesson - if this is your first lesson with me, you must pay in advance using the link above. After I meet you and see that you will show up and pay attention, I can accept payment at the time of the (second and later) lesson, but until then I need payment in advance or I will not put you on my busy calendar. Thanks!

"Dan teaches a great class -- with an understanding and sense of humor that allows even beginning students to access the complexity of flamenco music. I listen and dance to flamenco completely different after taking his classes. Highly recommended. " -Nicole, flamenco dance student

Daniel Fríes is one of the premier flamenco guitarists in the San Francisco Bay Area, both as an accompanist for flamenco song and dance, and as a soloist. He has performed with such world class flamenco artists as La Tania, Andrés Marín, Cristo Cortés, and Manuel Gutierrez, as well as with many local artists and companies, such as Caminos Flamencos, Carola Zertuche, Arte y Compás, and Carolina Lugo's Brisas de España, for which he has been musical director. While in Italy, he performed with two of the country's top dancers, Juana Cala, and Maria Jose Soto Leon in venues from Venice to Milan to Sicily. While his playing style remains grounded in the roots of the traditional Spanish flamenco, he also explores new directions in musical composition as well as blending of elements from the various musical traditions around which he grew up in San Francisco; Indian, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and African. He has performed in venues ranging from San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, to venues in China and in India. He also directed the music for "Zambra Bailar," a company mixing flamenco with Middle Eastern music and belly dance. In 2002, he composed and directed the music for La Tania's ongoing project, "The Passage of The Muse." Mr. Fries has studied in Spain with several flamenco guitar masters, including Manolo Sanlucar, Paco Peña, and Jose Luis Rodriguez. He has also studied Indian Classical music under Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, and Ghanain drumming with C.K. Ladezkpo, and has B.A. in Music from U.C. Berkeley.

In 2003, Mr. Fries took his band Funkiri to Sevilla, Spain. After an intense period of performing around Sevilla's bars and clubs, he moved to Italy for a year. Now, back in the Berkeley, he is available for performances and lessons.

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