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Funkiri - mp3

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What is Funkiri?

Start with the Chicago Blues , Bahia Samba stylings of Jason Taylor on Set.   Drop in the multi-talented Ben Scarola switch-hitting Cuban Percussion and slinky groove bass. Add renowned Bay Area flamenco guitarist Dan Fries stepping back to his roots of funk bass and blues guitar. Bring in J.P. Buongiorno whose first fifteen years as a nomad surviving on cheese and wine add just the right gypsy guitar flair. Top it off with JP and Jason's smooth, soulful vocal harmonies , and Funkiri will keep you dancing all night .

  Think James Brown playing samba with Muddy Waters.   Think Miles Davis meets Jorge Ben meets Hippopotamus . Whatever you think, Funkiri's unique grooves will blend your monkey into a soul-tronic, funkaliscious , lip-smacking stupor .

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